Hot Food

Join Us for our $4 Happy Hour, Monday through Friday 4-8P. $4 Well, $4 Wine, $4 All Beers and $4 Small Plates.

Hot Food Menu

Bruschette: 4, 7 fresh plum tomatoes, mixed in an array of spices & oils on beds of toasted baguette bread drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled w/ parmesan cheese

Guacamole Guadalajara Style: 4, 8 fresh haas avocados mixed with chopped onion, tomatillo & jalapenos peppers, seasoned w/ fresh squeezed limes & salt; served w/ tortila chips

Sweet Potato Fries: 4, 6 thin flakey sweet potato sticks served w/ house chipotle dressing

Wedge Fries: 4, 5 hearty cut seasoned potato wedges served w/ house dressing

Buffalo Wings: 8, 10 spicy chicken legs & thighs served w/ carot & celery sticks your choice of either bleu chese or ranch dressing

Quesadilla a la Suede: 4, 7 melted pepper jack cheese in a fresh pita bread, served w/ our house guacamole, sour cream

Ceviche a la Mexicana: 6, 10 fresh pacific red snapper marinated in lime juice, w/ tomato, cilantro & onion, garnished w/ acovado slices & served w/ corn tostadas

Ahi Tartare: 6, 10 fresh tuna diced & marinated w/ olive oil, capers & seasonings, served w/ our house wasabir dressing & toasted baguette bread

Suede Sliders: 7, 10 made w/ 100% beef patties,cheddar cheese, red onion, mustard & pickles

Suede Pizzeria: 6, 8 delicious flakey crust individual pizzas pepperoni & cheese pizza / four cheeses pizza

Suede Taquitos: 4, 6 crispy hot chicken taquitos served w/ our house guacamole & house cilantro/jalapeno sauce

Suede Empanadas: 5, 8 spicy chicken empanadas served with our house cilantro/jalapeno sauce

South of the Border Sampler: 9, 11 Spicy chicken empanadas, quesadillas & chicken taquitos; served with our house guacamole, sour cream & house cilantro/jalapeno sauce

No grease or deep frying applied to any food item